Speed Control

Speed control, horse training, barrel horse training, ride with outside the turn, ride outside the turn

Speed control is undoubtedly one of the things most beginner barrel racers, and even some of the seasoned veterans struggle with. In these videos I show you what I do to tune the horse into my seat and my energy. When your horse is thinking back to you, it’s easier to teach rate, and so […]

2020 Better Barrel Races World Finals

better barrel races world finals, the south dakota cowgirl, outside the turn, barrel horses, barrel racing

Due to the dumpster fire that is 2020, the Better Barrel Races World Finals had to reschedule. The event, typically held in April, had to move to August. Now, for some of you, that’s not a big deal. But when you’re not used to 80% relative humidity, and the sweltering heat of Oklahoma in the […]

Bridling Tips And Tricks

tips and tricks for bridling, outside the turn, ride outside the turn

How you bridle your horse can determine what sort of habits you develop in them! In this video I’ll show you how to get and keep them good!

Collection: Part Four

collection part 4, outside the turn, a properly collected horse, ride outside the turn, horse training

Today we’ll wrap up this video series on the basics of collection. I hope you’ve all found it helpful in your journey with your horses. In case you missed them, here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Collection: Part Three

collection part three, outside the turn, ride outside the turn

We’re covering more ground in our series on collection today! A couple things to note — in the video below: Cosmo wasn’t perfect with her lateral flexions. We are still working on those, and eventually they’ll become just right. But I won’t pick at her, because that will ruin all the try this mare has. […]

Collection: Part Two

collection, collected horse, chris dickinson photography, collection and elevation

In our continuing series on creating a collected horse, the next thing we need to talk about is how to carry what the horse is learning on the ground to the saddle. Below, in the video, I get on Luna and show you how collection begins to look from their back. Make note that there’s […]

Collection: A series

collection a series

Over the course of the next four weeks, I’m going to share with you, the basics of collection. This series will show you where I start, and how I progress. As we delve further into collection, I’ll show you how this relates to the barrel pattern. I need to start by saying this: I believe […]