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Building Strong Equine Relationships: Unlocking Success Outside the Turn

In the realm of horsemanship, the foundation of a strong connection is laid from the very beginning. Who doesn’t aspire to cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with their equine companions? The journey starts the moment we lead our horses, the way we provide care for them, and the interactions that shape our daily routines. These seemingly simple actions are the keystones to establishing a harmonious bond.

With over two decades dedicated to refining the art of nurturing exceptional barrel horses, I’ve come to understand that the true champions emerge beyond the turn. The essence of success is built upon principles that transcend the conventional track.

Amidst the world of barrel racing, a fresh perspective is in order – an approach rooted in “outside the turn logic.” Rather than inundating you with run-of-the-mill drills designed to fit a mold, my intention is to provide a sanctuary of wisdom. This space is meticulously crafted to be a wellspring of intuitive horsemanship, embracing the holistic essence of horsemanship.

Embarking on a journey that takes you from tranquil pastures to the triumphant pay-windows, all while nurturing a content and well-rounded horse – that’s my commitment. An understanding of equine psychology serves as the cornerstone for building a communication bridge that leads to success in your chosen equestrian discipline. Whether it’s the exhilaration of barrel racing, the precision of calf roping, the serenity of trail riding, or the demands of ranch work, the fundamental principles remain unchanged. Over the course of three decades encompassing both equine and human training, one pivotal truth has emerged – empathy for the horse always gets you a win.

I’ll do my best to take you from the pasture to the pay-window while building a happy, whole horse.

Challenging Partners

Should you find yourself grappling with a challenging equine partner, I happily extend my hand to guide you through the process. My experience spans nearly twenty years of helping discouraged and dispirited horses (and their riders). Remember, there is always a pathway to transformation. The troubled horse often stems from demands that they don’t understand. My mission is to empower you with the tools to rekindle their spirit, crafting a foundation of safety, partnership, and cooperation.

So, let’s journey “outside the turn” and embark on a quest to forge solid, empathetic relationships with our equine companions. Will you join me on this journey towards honing the art of developing an extraordinary barrel horse? I invite you to delve into the reservoir of insights I’ve garnered through trials, triumphs, and invaluable experiences.

Now, let’s get outside the turn and build a relationship with our horses, shall we?

Won’t you join me on my journey to build a better barrel horse?

I extend heartfelt gratitude to my dedicated sponsors, whose unwavering support not only fuels this platform but also accompanies me on every step of my journey – from miles on the road to moments of inspiration.

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