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Relationships are built from the ground up. Don’t we all want a good relationship with our horses? They begin the moment we catch our horse, to how we feed him, and how we interact with them on the daily: these things set the tone for our relationship. Building a better barrel horse is something I have strived to do over the past two decades. The best horses are built outside the turn.

I feel like the barrel racing the world could use a little more “outside the turn logic”. Not another site full of “drills” to teach our horse the pattern. Therefore, I hope you find this space useful. I aim to chalk it full of intuitive horsemanship/whole horsemanship for everyone, but specifically the competitive barrel racer.

I’ll do my best to take you from the pasture to the pay-window while building a happy, whole horse.

The more you know about how a horse thinks, the easier it is to create a language that we can use to become successful in our chosen field. Whether barrel racing, calf roping, trail riding or ranch work, it matters not. I’ve learned — over the past 3 decades of training horses and people — that we tend to make things a lot more difficult than they really are.

If you have a problem horse, I’d love to help you work through that too. I’ve spent nearly two decades fixing blown up, sour horses. They can always be helped. Always. They’re sour because they’ve been asked for more than they can give. I’ll teach you how to go back and rebuild them, making them safer, more solid and more willing.

Now, let’s get outside the turn and build a relationship with our horses, shall we?

Won’t you join me on my journey to build a better barrel horse? I will share with you the lessons I’ve learned through blood, sweat, tears and of course good times.

Thank you to my generous sponsors that make this site, and my trips up and down the road, possible.

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