Training Tip Tuesday – Posting the Correct Diagonal

Posting the trot, correct diagonals, posting the diagonal, balancing your horse

In this little clip of a July 2022 ride on Doodlebug, I walk you through a few things I like to do on each ride with my horses: Posting the Diagonal, separating the hinds from the fronts which helps the horse learn to tip their weight back and why this helps your horse (and you) […]

Training Tip Tuesday – Backing Straight

training tip tuesday, backing straight, backing your horse up, ride outside the turn, outside the turn, barrel horse training, horse training, horse trainer

One way to tell if your horse is balanced and correct to both sides is through backing them up. And while I do love to back me some circles, backing up straight is just as important. In this short video, I talk you through how to tell if your horse is tipped one direction or […]

Training Tip Tuesday: The First Barrel

the first barrel, training tip tuesday, horse training, barrel horse training

The First Barrel The first barrel in barrel racing, often referred to as the MONEY barrel, plays a pivotal role in determining the success and speed of your run. This barrel sets the foundation for a quick time on the clock or, conversely, it can lead to a less favorable outcome. By mastering your approach […]

If at first…

Begin again, if at first you don’t succeed, barrel horse news feature, Jenn Zeller barrel horse news, Jenn Zeller barrel horse trainer

Once in a while I find myself being interviewed by a journalist. They must believe that I have something worthwhile to share with the world. I of course, would like to believe this is true! But, I’m not the one with my name currently in lights. I am however, in the trenches – grinding it […]

Speed Control

Speed control, horse training, barrel horse training, ride with outside the turn, ride outside the turn

Speed control is undoubtedly one of the things most beginner barrel racers, and even some of the seasoned veterans struggle with. In these videos I show you what I do to tune the horse into my seat and my energy. When your horse is thinking back to you, it’s easier to teach rate, and so […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Hot Horse

There are no such thing as hot horses, horses aren’t hot, non-confident horses, photo of Jenn Zeller on DX And The City in Bowman, North Dakota at The Blitz. Photo by Josh

There’s no such thing as a hot horse. But there are horses that don’t have any confidence in what we are asking them to do. Let me explain…While I do think there are horses that may be more active mentally and have more energy physically, it is our job as the rider to be aware […]

Horseback Riding 101

learn to ride horses, horseback riding, horseback riding course, learn to ride in person, learn to ride online

For years I’ve thought about this- but wasn’t sure I could make it work. I made excuse after excuse! I knew it would be so much work. So. Much. Work. – I didn’t know where to start.– No one would buy it.– It would be too hard to share abstract concepts. But then the right […]

Get Creative With Your Training

get creative, horse training, barrel horse trainer

There is more than one way to get the job done – almost always. Often we forget that we don’t need to obsess about how a horse isn’t understanding something, when we can easily be creative! Just do something other than the “one thing” that’s causing you grief in your training program and that “one […]

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2022! I’ve got a ton of valuable content planned! AND, there will be at least two clinics! One in Iowa and one here at the home ranch in South Dakota. I have dates for the clinics and will share that info in subsequent posts. I’ll also be taking a limited number of outside […]

Colt Starting 101

colt starting 101

It’s not a secret to the handiest of horsemen, that good groundwork can make or break your colt. If there’s holes in them, one can almost always find it in the groundwork. And if you don’t want holes in their groundwork, you should do your research on who you have start your colts. If it’s […]