Working a Dull Horse Day 2

In this video you’ll see me riding a 5yo mare. I apologize in advance for the audio quality. My cordless Mic and I are going to have to have a come to Jesus meeting. In this video you can see the mare really struggling to unlock her hips, and ribs, and face. She is dull […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you all so much for your support this year! I look forward to making 2024 the best year yet, and hope to see you down the road somewhere. As my gift to you, I’m making my Course on Lateral Work, FREE, until January 31. If you’re at an event and you see me, please […]

Barrel Pattern Work – FOR US!

barrel pattern work, for us...

I’ve often said that barrel pattern work really isn’t as much for the horse as it is for us. It’s for us to gain consistency in where we want their body, how we want them to turn, and more. Basically it’s drilling us for the consistency we desire in them; that’s the real goal. In […]

Lincoln, NE Clinic Recap

outside the turn, barrel horse clinic, barrel racing clinic, horsemanship for barrel racers, clinics by outside the turn, ride with jenn zeller

Your clinic was so organized and I learned so much and enjoyed every moment of it! I would absolutely love to ride with you. In fact, it would be a dream to continue to learn from you.

– Ella G –

Training Tip Tuesday: The First Barrel

the first barrel, training tip tuesday, horse training, barrel horse training

The First Barrel The first barrel in barrel racing, often referred to as the MONEY barrel, plays a pivotal role in determining the success and speed of your run. This barrel sets the foundation for a quick time on the clock or, conversely, it can lead to a less favorable outcome. By mastering your approach […]

If at first…

Begin again, if at first you don’t succeed, barrel horse news feature, Jenn Zeller barrel horse news, Jenn Zeller barrel horse trainer

Once in a while I find myself being interviewed by a journalist. They must believe that I have something worthwhile to share with the world. I of course, would like to believe this is true! But, I’m not the one with my name currently in lights. I am however, in the trenches – grinding it […]

Training Tip Tuesday – Don’t Obsess

Horse training is a circle, training tip Tuesday

It’s a common thing to do in training your horse – obsess about the things that aren’t working. But I’m here to tell you, there’s no need to do that. Training horses isn’t linear, like many clinicians would lead you to believe. It’s really more like a circle. It’s not always an “if then” statement. […]

A Lateral Drill for all Horses

Lateral work with horses, DX generalissimo, Jenn Zeller Horse trainer, photograph by Chris Dickinson

Every horse regardless of their discipline, can benefit from lateral work. My answer when someone asks for “drills” is usually this: get them good laterally! Lateral work is the basis for everything we will ever need a horse to do. In other words, “Kindly, STEP AWAY FROM the barrels!’ All joking aside, teaching a horse […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Hot Horse

There are no such thing as hot horses, horses aren’t hot, non-confident horses, photo of Jenn Zeller on DX And The City in Bowman, North Dakota at The Blitz. Photo by Josh

There’s no such thing as a hot horse. But there are horses that don’t have any confidence in what we are asking them to do. Let me explain…While I do think there are horses that may be more active mentally and have more energy physically, it is our job as the rider to be aware […]

6 Tips to Help Control Nervousness Come Race Day! 

6 tips to calm your pre-race nerves, dash n dance maturity, DX and the city, Jenn Zeller

One of the most commonly asked questions in the barrel racing groups that I frequent, is “How do I control my nerves”? Through the years of being a coach and helping students, as well as myself, I have learned a thing or two. I now, rarely struggle with my nerves. But when I do, I […]