Training Tip Tuesday – Posting the Correct Diagonal

Posting the trot, correct diagonals, posting the diagonal, balancing your horse

In this little clip of a July 2022 ride on Doodlebug, I walk you through a few things I like to do on each ride with my horses: Posting the Diagonal, separating the hinds from the fronts which helps the horse learn to tip their weight back and why this helps your horse (and you) […]

Training Tip Tuesday – Backing Straight

training tip tuesday, backing straight, backing your horse up, ride outside the turn, outside the turn, barrel horse training, horse training, horse trainer

One way to tell if your horse is balanced and correct to both sides is through backing them up. And while I do love to back me some circles, backing up straight is just as important. In this short video, I talk you through how to tell if your horse is tipped one direction or […]

A Lateral Drill for all Horses

Lateral work with horses, DX generalissimo, Jenn Zeller Horse trainer, photograph by Chris Dickinson

Every horse regardless of their discipline, can benefit from lateral work. My answer when someone asks for “drills” is usually this: get them good laterally! Lateral work is the basis for everything we will ever need a horse to do. In other words, “Kindly, STEP AWAY FROM the barrels!’ All joking aside, teaching a horse […]

Horseback Riding 101

learn to ride horses, horseback riding, horseback riding course, learn to ride in person, learn to ride online

For years I’ve thought about this- but wasn’t sure I could make it work. I made excuse after excuse! I knew it would be so much work. So. Much. Work. – I didn’t know where to start.– No one would buy it.– It would be too hard to share abstract concepts. But then the right […]

Horsemanship for Barrel Racers – A Clinic

a horsemanship clinic

Well, it appears I shared my upcoming clinic with everyone but you good folks here. Better late than never though, right? So if you’re free this weekend (October 1-3) and want to join me here at the ranch (For my birthday!) I’ve got 3 spots available to come ride with me and learn from me! […]

Advanced Rollbacks

advanced rollbacks, teaching advanced rollbacks, ride outside the turn, south dakota cowgirl photography

A good rollback is one movement – a stop to a turn around, and off we go! That said, I want my horse to wait on me, not anticipate, the maneuver. Here’s how I accomplish that!

Choosing a Horse Trainer

When choosing a horse trainer the options can be endless. With this article, I aim to help you decide what’s important to you, what’s important to your horse, and highlight some things you will want to look for to find a good fit for you. There are a lot of handy horsemen in this world […]

Curing the Fidgety Horse

fidgety horse, outside the turn

The last thing any horse really wants to do is fidget. No, seriously, think about it. If you’ve watched them in the pasture, when they’re not eating, they’re lazing, and if they’re young and full of energy, they’ll play for a bit and go back to eating or lazing. They’d rather be at peace than bothered, and to me, a horse that paws is a horse that’s bothered.

Speed Control

speed control through your seat, barrel racing, outside the turn

We like our horses to tune into our seat and our body, so we can use the reins and our legs to refine the cues we give them for turnarounds, rollbacks, spins, or gathering up so we can do a canter pirouette (or swap directions quickly to corral an unruly bull come fall). Plus, anyone else can use “whoa” or “ho” and that might mean something to our horse when we don’t need it to.