Training Tip Tuesday – Posting the Correct Diagonal

Posting the trot, correct diagonals, posting the diagonal, balancing your horse

In this little clip of a July 2022 ride on Doodlebug, I walk you through a few things I like to do on each ride with my horses: Posting the Diagonal, separating the hinds from the fronts which helps the horse learn to tip their weight back and why this helps your horse (and you) […]

Barrel Pattern Work – FOR US!

barrel pattern work, for us...

I’ve often said that barrel pattern work really isn’t as much for the horse as it is for us. It’s for us to gain consistency in where we want their body, how we want them to turn, and more. Basically it’s drilling us for the consistency we desire in them; that’s the real goal. In […]

Lincoln, NE Clinic Recap

outside the turn, barrel horse clinic, barrel racing clinic, horsemanship for barrel racers, clinics by outside the turn, ride with jenn zeller

Your clinic was so organized and I learned so much and enjoyed every moment of it! I would absolutely love to ride with you. In fact, it would be a dream to continue to learn from you.

– Ella G –

Horseback Riding 101

learn to ride horses, horseback riding, horseback riding course, learn to ride in person, learn to ride online

For years I’ve thought about this- but wasn’t sure I could make it work. I made excuse after excuse! I knew it would be so much work. So. Much. Work. – I didn’t know where to start.– No one would buy it.– It would be too hard to share abstract concepts. But then the right […]