I am so grateful to the companies that help me get down the road. Without them, this site, and my ability to enter rodeos would be limited. You can bet that if I’m partnering with a company, it’s because they’ve got an excellent product, reputation, and because it’s something I personally use.

Synnutra Equine

They make so many incredible nutraceuticals! My favorites are their Gastromend XC, Synchill and their SynAir product!

Spurrs Big Fix — They make the best lotion for us cowgirls, and their antiseptic spray for horses is among my favorites! We use it for everything! Any skin condition, thrush, ring worm, wounds on our horses, foot rot in our cattle – you name it, it’s helped!

spurrs big fix, equine antiseptic

I’m super grateful to Ultimate PEMF Sales. Kindra will take care of your horses like they’re her own, at each event she attends. She’s kind, knowledgable and sells the best PEMF machines anywhere – Magnawave! Make sure you find her on all the social channels and give her all the love! I cannot begin to share with you all the ways in which Magnawave can help you and your horses, and even your dogs, feel their very best!

Would your company like to sponsor me? I’ve got a 40k + online following and have never met a stranger!