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Mastering Barrel Racing: Elevate Your Horsemanship Skills at Outside The Turn University

Have you ever wondered about the validity of the old saying, “There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a woman”? In this blog we will talk about elevating your horsemanship skills at OTTU.

Outside the Turn University (OTTU) was established to address a common struggle that many horse enthusiasts face. With so much focus on events, the clock, a judge’s opinion, horsemanship, bloodlines, and equipment, it’s easy to lose sight of the joy in our equine partnerships. The pursuit of numbers on a clock can overshadow the true connection we have with our horses. However, it’s important to remember why we fell in love with horses in the first place. As a horse-crazy preteen, I would have given anything to be where I am now. It’s time to shift our perspective and recognize that true horsemanship, success, and happiness cannot be measured solely by a few digits on a clock.

At Outside the Turn University, located at the DX Ranch, we aim to provide valuable insights and knowledge about horses. Since my early days in the late 1980s, I have dedicated myself to incorporating horses into my life. Throughout my journey, I have gained wisdom from various individuals, horses, and experiences. My aspiration with OTTU is to share this wisdom so that others can rediscover or preserve the magic of horsemanship. Whether you are interested in starting colts, seeking a reliable trail companion, or looking to compete, what transpires “outside the turn” holds immense significance. Our primary objective is to assist you in developing a strong bond with your horse while enjoying every step of the process. At our ranch, we conduct clinics and host clinicians who share similar approaches. Additionally, we have expanded our horizons by taking our expertise on the road, and we plan to continue doing so this year. We invite you to join us at OTTU and discover the true essence of horsemanship together with your beloved equine partner.

At OTTU at The Dx Ranch, our top priority is aiding in your horse’s educational journey. We recognize the uniqueness of each horse and rider, understanding that they learn at their own pace. Our approach centers on equipping both horses and riders with problem-solving skills to foster a stronger partnership. We firmly believe that knowledge becomes truly valuable when it is internalized, so we prioritize allowing students to progress at their own pace. Giving horses the opportunity to make choices is a fundamental aspect of our program. Maintaining consistency is crucial; however, we also emphasize that the manner in which tasks are executed holds more significance than the specific actions themselves.

Choose Your Learning Path at OTTU

At OTTU, we are pleased to provide a wide range of learning options to accommodate riders of all skill levels. Choose the learning path that best suits your needs and start mastering your riding skills today.


OTTU Horsemanship 101 Course

The Horsemanship 101 Course is specifically tailored to cater individuals at all levels of horsemanship knowledge and experience. It provides a comprehensive foundation by starting with the basics, including essential terminology, fundamental horse behavioral cues, and gradually delving into more advanced concepts. This includes mastering proper riding posture and understanding how horses communicate both on the ground and during riding sessions. Throughout the course, we extensively cover various aspects of horsemanship, horse handling techniques, and equine behavior, which proves beneficial for equine handlers and enthusiasts across all proficiency levels.

By enrolling in this course, you will have access to 19 on-demand videos, allowing you to learn at your own convenience. In addition to the comprehensive course materials, if you join as a member (at the competitor level) you will also gain entry into our thriving community. As a member of this community, you will have the opportunity to engage with Jenn Zeller directly and receive personalized guidance. The live Q&A sessions provide an excellent platform for collaborative learning with fellow members. The potential for continuous growth and knowledge acquisition is limitless when you choose this course (or the others)!

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Become a member

Our membership service provides specialized content for individuals interested in expanding their knowledge of horsemanship and barrel racing. We regularly publish new videos on a weekly/monthly basis, offering our members access to a wide range of informative material. Whether you enjoy riding horses or are simply curious about this activity, our videos cater to your interests and provide valuable insights.

With the appropriate tools, mindset, and knowledge of a horse’s behavior and movement, anyone can successfully train a horse. The key lies in knowing where and when to release pressure during training. How can we ensure that our horses reach their full potential? And how can we, as trainers, achieve our own personal best? Stay tuned to this channel for valuable insights. Allow me to serve as your guide as I take horses from pasture to success.

Dx Ranch Horsemanship Opportunities

At The DX Ranch, we offer exclusive horsemanship opportunities for individuals aged 18 and above. Our program is designed to not only enhance your horsemanship skills but also contribute to the improvement of our horses. Unlike other programs, you won’t be limited to menial tasks; we believe in working alongside you and ensuring that every chore is completed. We understand the importance of aligning our curriculum with your academic goals. Rest assured, we will collaborate closely with your university to ensure that our program meets all necessary requirements. The cost of the program includes housing for both you and your personal horse. We prioritize individual attention, offering dedicated time for you and your horse. In case you don’t have a horse, we can provide one for you! Our goal is for both you and your horse to leave our program with increased knowledge, confidence, and readiness to achieve your aspirations.

Program Cost: $450 per week Timeline: 4-8 weeks

To find out more information or register for this unique opportunity at The DX Ranch, please contact us directly.


OTTU Clinics

I will be offering several clinics throughout the year that are designed to enhance your horsemanship skills in a professional and effective manner. These clinics will cover various aspects, including pattern work and barrel racing runs. However, the main focus will be on developing a solid foundation for your horse. By attending these clinics, you can address any problems you may be experiencing and become a more proficient rider. We will delve into how horses think, as well as techniques for separating different parts of the horse. Topics such as posting the correct diagonal and its significance, lateral control, softness, and proper positioning in patterns will also be covered. Equipped with these tools, you’ll gain the ability to solve your own equine-related issues and develop a stronger partnership with your horse. My personal objective is to guide you in achieving roundness, drive from behind, and softness in the face simultaneously. Together, we can transform your horse from being pasture-bound to achieving successful performances in competition! 

For information about currently available clinics, please visit: https://rideoutsidetheturn.com/horsemanship-for-barrel-racers-clinics/

To inquire about or request a clinic session, kindly get in touch with me directly.

Send Your Horse to OTTU

At OTTU at the Dx Ranch, our mission is to facilitate the learning process for your horse. We recognize that each horse and rider have their own unique learning style and pace. Our approach focuses on helping horses and riders develop problem-solving skills and form a stronger partnership. We firmly believe that true understanding occurs when knowledge is internalized by the student.

We prioritize giving the horse a say in their own education, as we consider it crucial to our program. We advocate for consistency in training methods, emphasizing the importance of how things are done rather than what is done. Our ideal clients share our belief that horses don’t perceive time in the same way we do. Learning occurs at the rhythm of the student, not dictated solely by the instructor.

Our goal is to support both horse and owner in achieving sustainable, lifelong learning experiences. If you’re seeking an enriching experience “Outside the Turn,” whether it be references, scheduling an appointment, hosting a clinic, or booking your colt in to be started or your futurity horse in for patterning, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

http://thedxranch.com or https://rideoutsidetheturn.com 

To contact us:

Call or Text: 605.222.5088

Email: jennifer@thedxranch.com

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