DX Generalissimo, Olin, Iowa, Double shoe arena 2023 clinic with Jenn Zeller. Photo of Jenn Zeller, Outside the Turn, by Chris Dickinson.

Come ride with me at the Double Shoe Area in Olin, Iowa, March 10-12, 2023! This clinic is for every level rider – we’ll all learn something, even me! I promise!

We’ll do a lot of dry work, refresh everyone on the basics, work on the pattern so we can train some good muscle memory into you and your horse, learn and practice a few drills, and have so much fun while we’re at it!

  • Ever wondered why your horse may step off the backside of a barrel? I have the answer.
  • Wonder what bit might work best? I probably have the answer!
  • Struggle with your nerves before a run? I got your back!
  • Hitting Barrels? We can fix that too!
  • Nervous horse? On it!

DX Generalissimo, photo by Chris Dickinson

Will you be joining me?