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If you’ve ever had a performance horse, chances are you have dealt with a bleeder, ulcers and more. I’m grateful that I discovered SynNutra Equine. It is proven to cure ulcers and there are NO side-effects. Here’s my story, brought to you by SynNutra Equine.

My good horse, Avie, has been sound, not quite a year. In April 2019 we discovered a plethora of front end issues. There were fractured side-bones, low ring bone and the dreaded one: navicular.

He’d had a sore back. Like a bad sore back; for at least 2 years. My other half kept telling me it was his feet. I swore it was the saddle. Five, yes, FIVE saddles later, I finally had something that was kind of better, but he was still sore. And he’d started getting cinchy. However, he was still clocking. He LOVED eating. He was never unwilling. The only ulcer symptoms he showed were a poor top-line and occasional cinchiness. And to be honest, at the time, I had no idea cinchiness was a sign of ulcers. I thought He was cinchy because his back was sore.


*Gastric ulcers are common in horses. Their prevalence has been estimated to be from 50% to 90%, depending on populations surveyed and type of athletic activity horses are engaged in.

*Gastric ulcers can affect any horse at any age. Foals are particularly susceptible because they secrete gastric acid as early as 2 days of age and the acidity of the gastric fluid is high. Foals that have infrequent or interrupted feeding, or are recumbent for long periods have been found to have lower gastric fluid pH (aqueous solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic), suggesting that milk has a protective effect against ulcers and that recumbency increases exposure of the stomach to acid.

*In adult horses, gastric ulcers occur more frequently in horses that perform athletic activities, with the highest frequency found in Thoroughbred racehorses (80-90%), followed by endurance horses (70%), and show horses (60%). Researchers have found that exercise increases gastric acid production and decreases blood flow to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

*In a natural grazing situation, the horse requires a steady flow of acid for digestion, so a horse’s stomach produces acid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week–up to 9 gallons of acidic fluid per day, even when not eating. In a natural, high-roughage diet, the acid is buffered by both feed and saliva.

Oh Ulcers…

And then my friend told me that cinchiness was a sign of ulcers. I was like, “what? Since when?” A quick google search revealed that she was right.

Keep in mind, my horses live in a natural grazing situation. In the least I struggled to understand how a horse that is turned out, on the best grass in the country, could have ulcers. Turns out, however, it’s not an anomaly.

synnyutra equine, gastromend, south dakota
Yeah, we have grass. Plenty of it!

Right then all of these issues begin to come together for me: the light came on. The coin dropped. Use whichever phrase you’d like, but the bottom line is my horse’s back problems had been caused by his sore front feet; the feet he’d not been lame on — until he was. And the cinchiness was caused by the ulcers I didn’t know he had because I didn’t know that was a sign. His grittiness wouldn’t let me know he was sore — so he internalized and gave himself ulcers. All of these lights came on, while I was in Texas dealing with his lameness issues. I immediately went and grabbed some UlcerGard from the farm store.

I gave it to him for about a month but through my research I realized the side effects of leaving him on it forever were awful! So I ordered some colostrum. That worked — until it didn’t. So back to the drawing board I went and when I found SynNutra my prayers were answered.

Try it for yourself — On me!

Two weeks after being on this product, Avie no longer tries to pull back when saddled. He saddles like a champ! His coat is gorgeous and shedding out sooner than it ever has. He looks and feels great! He will get this fed to him until he’s fully retired. My younger horses, that will go down the road with me this year (if we ever get to go anywhere), will also go on it — two weeks prior to our first travel date — and they’ll stay on it for the duration of the season.

Because I had such a great success story on this product, I want to allow you to have your own success story too! So I’m giving away a bag of GastroMend for you to give your horse. All you have to do is comment below! Tell me your story. And be sure to share with your friends! I’ll choose a winner on Friday afternoon. Best of luck!

PS. If you don’t want to risk NOT winning and want to go straight to the product — use code GoFastJenn at check-out for a discount!

7 thoughts on “SynNutra Equine Giveaway!

  1. My barrel mare Remy ha always been on the hotter side she’s Hancock bred top an bottom And people either love her right away or hate for her breeding haha. However she’s been as consistent and easy keeper her whole life. We moved about a year ago and I started noticing a lot of changes with her she’s always been on the Obese side and she was super under weight crappy looking coat And had no fire in her anymore. My horse was just not right, so I went looking for answers. I was told oh she’s fine it’s just winter up her hay an she will be ok. So I did…. didn’t work. I changed feeds around, saddles around, bits everything and she still just wasn’t quite right. I’ve never had to really deal with ulcer issues and she wasn’t cinchy or anything like that. I was told your just looking to close at it she’s fine and your crazy it’s just like you’re trying to find something wrong 🙈🤣 ya because I hope I find something wrong rather then try to fix it and get rid of it lol. Well fast forward to now and I’m 99% positive I was right with the ulcers because if you cinch her up to right to quick she gets pisses and sometimes if I make her stretch around to her sides she will nip at your boots… all things this horse has never done! I started looking for ulcer prevention or treatment and got so overwhelmed on the 1000 products everyone says works the best and then other reviews say they don’t work at all And of course by the time you do try them to find one that works your out $1500 🙈 it just seems like a never ending cycle around here haha try to help but then something else pops up we treat and then find something else…. and repeat! Good thing we love these crazy creatures so much haha!

  2. I have an almost 16 year old gelding as well as a 12 year old mare that both foundered last year due to the influx of rain we had as well as the barn I boarded at fertilizing when not necessary (due to the rain) and the grass coming up too fast and too rich. We got that under control for the most part. My mare is doing great, but she also didn’t get as bad as my gelding. They both were looking really sad coming out of this winter. Their coats were dull, their topline was gone, their muscle mass was nonexistent as well as a couple other things. So I have done a complete overhaul with them. I moved them to a different barn, switched farriers, switched their feed to Triple Crown, etc. Its been A LOT of reading and listening and asking. The mare is looking better. She has shed out almost completely, her topline is building back up, her coat is shiny, etc. My gelding on the other hand is not coming along as well. He is still very fuzzy, his coat is dull, his energy level is down, he is off when I ride, all kinds of things. I am curious, with all he has going on, if ulcers aren’t part of what feels like is becoming a list of issues. I have researched different ulcer meds and its just SO MUCH INFORMATION and SO MANY different products it makes your head spin! Add that to the list of other stuff I am researching (laminitis, possible cushings, etc) and I get overwhelmed. I dont have endless income to try a bunch of different stuff and hope one helps so I am hesitant to start any of them if that makes sense. At the same time, I feel like, if I can just find the right products the first time out of the gate, it will only help make him the most comfortable and perform at his best. He deserves every bit of that.

  3. I have two….MegaPowderPuff…one-eyed, always hot. I am always looking to support her, and would be tickled to find something that helped her be her best, naturally. The other, BW Boogie Down. I have had one year. She is improving. Previously I could to get her to practice a pattern without bucking….I was thinking it was anxiety/emotions…but again, maybe it’s not and this would help.
    I know that for people whole health begins in the gut.

  4. i have a mare that seems to b plagued by ulcers. have tried different things but they always seem to come back this product might v my answer

    1. These horses that are plagued by them, should stay on something for quite a while. Avie has had his on/off for at least 3 years. If I’d have known about the product then, i’d have had him on it years ago! This is the best thing I’ve ever used for ulcers!

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