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On a monthly basis I can take a limited number of horses for training or tuning, and give lessons in person, or virtually. I will take 2 -3 horses monthly. In that month I guarantee 15-20 rides. For an additional fee, I will haul horses to barrel races, exhibition or enter them.

My speciality is what folks might call “problem” horses. Horses that sull-up, run up the fence, struggle with rate, (speed control) or softness in the face/mouth — just to name a few. I’ve spent 25+ years teaching horses and teaching people how to help their horses. I’d love the opportunity to help you.

training tuning and lessons, outside the turn, ride outside the turn

What you won’t find in my barn are tie downs, combination bits, or mechanical hackamores. They simply don’t work for me. What you will find are an array of snaffle bits, flags, and ropes. Tools I use to help the horse become more confident in themselves and us.

Bringing your horse to stay with me will allow them them to get plenty of outside riding through the cows and the country. They’ll have access to clean, fresh water, a shared pasture, or stall, and I’ll provide hay. Feel free to provide feed for them, as I know, we all have our own nutrition plans for our horses. Training rates may will vary based on timeframe, and the horse. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss rates and availability.

Can’t send your horse out for training?

Come to the ranch here in South Dakota and ride with me! My day rate is $300 — and includes 6-8 hours of riding, plus meals for you! I find that it’s always beneficial for the horse to get out of the arena into the open country. I’ll teach you how to use the terrain as a way to help you and your horse.

Maybe it would be better for you to book a weekend, or weekday clinic at your place or mine? Here at the ranch, we have a facility that allows us to house up to 10 students at a time, and there are camper hookups as well. Prices will vary based on location, and number of students.

Will you join me in this journey we call horsemanship?

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