spurrs big fix, equine antiseptic

I am so grateful to the companies that help me get down the road. Without them, this site, and my ability to enter rodeos would be limited. You can bet that If I’m partnering with a company, it’s because they’ve got an excellent product, reputation, and because it’s something I personally use.

Chaffhaye — Man you guys — this bagged alfalfa is the bomb. It’s essentially silage for your horses. It’s full of microflora, yeast and all other goodness for a healthy gut for your horse! Do you have a horse with respiratory issues, or dental issues or one that’s a hard keeper? This is the forage for you! It’s also in weatherproof bags, so you needn’t worry about it getting ruined!


Arenus Animal Health – Use Code PRP-82546 for a discount. Arenus is the maker of Sore No More products, which for me have been a lifesaver for my going horses.

Triple Crown Feed — while they don’t sponsor me, I am an “insider”. Here on the ranch, we give any horse that needs extra nutrients, above and beyond the basics, Triple Crown Feed.

Spurrs Big Fix — They make the best lotion for us cowgirls, and their antiseptic spray for horses is among my favorites! We use it for everything! Any skin condition, thrush, foot rot in our cattle – you name it, it’s helped!

spurrs big fix, equine antiseptic
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