Ratey Horses vs. Free-Running Horses


How do you help a ratey horse free up? How do you help a free-running horse, rate up? In this video below, I’ll share a few of my tips. One thing I want you to note; I don’t often ask my really ratey horse, Dino, to gather up and get soft. I want to know that he can, but I need him going forward, freely.

For a horse that is more free-running, I like to help them find the sweet spot — the spot at which I really want to start my turn. I want that horse hunting THAT spot. Often people will say that a free-runner is a hot horse. I’ll go so far as to say they’re simply not confident. Granted there are horses that you breathe the word whoa, and they’re finding a place to make elevens, and others take longer to get there – but the free runners can all learn to hunt that sweet spot I talk about below. One of the most important things about training any horse is helping them learn to go where we ask, when we ask, at the speed we ask. I assure you, that even the raciest of horses can learn to think back to us and wait on us. I hope the video below is helpful!

Let me know how this goes for you!

Happy training!

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