Making a Barrel Horse: Runs 1/2

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I’m making a new barrel horse. I mean, this is what I did for a living for a lot of years. But since I’ve moved to the ranch I slowed down and had to wait for the colts we raised to get old enough.

Well, they’re getting old enough. DX And The City, Cosmo, is doing pretty dang good. So good in fact, we don’t even exhibition her. She just goes in, rides where I ask and is trying her little heart out.

What I’m most impressed with is her “try”. I’ve never forced this mare to give me the answer. I don’t pick at her. What I have asked of her is to try to figure out what I’m asking of her. When a horse learns to learn, they tend to ride better than a “robot” type horse; they’re not dull, they’re aware and they stay tuned into what we’re asking of them in a healthier way. It makes them safer, in my opinion.

Our first barrel race was June 6/7 in McCook Nebraska. She did well. Here’s our first run:

Here’s the second run:

Stay tuned as I continue to post our runs, progress and critiques of how it’s going for us this summer!

Smile and ride!

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