Teaching Rollbacks


Teaching Rollbacks is one of the best ways to get good shoulder control on your horses. Shoulder control is at the top of my list when it comes to making a solid, honest barrel horse. Recently, I shared a video on my IGTV about removing the brace from your horse, and rollbacks are another great way to help them if they do have a brace.

beginning rollbacks, how and where they start, what makes a good rollback and more!
Learn your horse’s footfalls.

When we start to teach rollbacks it’s very important that we time up with our horse’s feet. We need to know which front foot is about to move so that we can direct it. This helps 1. not put a brace in your horse because we ask when they can do the move and 2. it helps you be a better rider because you’re learning to feel for your horse under you. The human tendency is to pull harder if we don’t get the response we want right away. As an experiment, get down on your hands and knees. Now put all your weight on your right hand. Then try to move it. You can’t do it because all your weight is there. The horse is no different. Now that I’ve got you thinking and we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s see what these rollbacks look like on a pretty green colt, shall we?

I hope you found this video helpful! Stay tuned for a more advanced rollback video, coming soon! And remember, it’s what happens outside the turn that makes a better barrel horse!

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